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The Elite Agile Podcast is coming soon. Meanwhile these articles will inspire you and help you on your way towards Servant Elite Agile Leadership!

The degradation of the Scrum Master to administrative clerk

2019-08-19 |

4 min reading time.

To have a lasting impact on Scrum teams, it is essential that a Scrum Master also is a coach. A coach who facilitates the Scrum events and continuously stimulates team members to think outside the box, so the team keeps moving towards an Elite Agile team.

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AINO – Agile in Name Only

2019-08-18 |

3 min reading time.

After three to six months, Scrum has become the new process that replaces the old way of working. However, often we are still doing it the same way as before, just in with a different outside. I call this; AINO – Agile in Name Only. It often seems like we have just replaced some names and terminology.

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Why good leaders make you feel safe | Simon Sinek

2019-05-12 |

1 min reading time

A must-see! Especially if you are in the middle of a transition to an Agile organization yourself or if you are at the start of one.

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