Citizens' Initiative SAMEN Vooruit! -Yes we can-

Today we find ourselves Worldwide back in the strongest and ever-growing, more aggressive POLARIZATION I have ever seen in my life and most likely in the history of Mankind.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, I was standing totally surprised at what was happening in my Country, The Netherlands, and the World.

Till beginning December 2021.

We are heading to a Worldwide disaster when we do not STOP the ever-growing and ever more brutal POLARIZATION in my Country and the World.

A tricker woke me up out of my state of hypnoses, and I realized that it was five minutes to twelve!

A disaster in which COVID-19, or the effects of the measures to get COVID-19 under control, look like peanuts.

I realized that it is ABSOLUTELY necessary to find our way back to each other, so we can utilize our combined intellect to find solutions for the threat facing Mankind, instead of using our intellect against each other.

I knew that I needed to do SOMETHING, and I also had an idea what.

Only my mind was in the way: "Who do YOU think who you are?!" where one of the thoughts holding me back.

I realized that NOW was the moment to show Personal Leadership to serve others.

We started the Citizens' Initiative SAMEN Vooruit! -Yes we can...' (Together Forward).

You can find all the information about this initiative on the Website I have to build for that, or use the button below.

It is in Dutch; Google can translate it into your language. Your support would be VERY helpful.

Servant Leadership starts with Personal Leadership.

Servant Leadership is stepping up when needed.

Servant Leadership is getting out of the way when required.