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The free access consists of three topics.

HAF - Why it works

  1. Common Waterfall and Agile problems.
  2. Why project methodologies fail...
  3. the Hybrid Agile Framework (HAF).
  4. HAF successfully used in large organizations.
  5. Do I need to replace my framework?
  6. The -One Framework to Rule (support) All Other Frameworks-.
  7. Who is this guy Danny Vermeeren.

Bonus - HAF - How to - overview

  1. SQS Refinement Phase 1 – light-weight Waterfall Requirements Phase.
  2. SQS Refinement Phase 2 – Feature Roadmap Planning.
  3. SQS Refinement Phase 3 – Sprint Planning & PBI/Story Refinement.
  4. How does it look like?

Bonus - HAF - Why it works background.

  1. What is going on - aka root cause.
  2. How the LEAN Principles help us to un-squeeze. 


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