Danny Vermeeren - Senior Agile Coach/Senior Scrum Master/Trainer

Danny Vermeeren

Agile Transformation Coach/ Senior Agile Coach / Senior Scrum Master / Trainer

  • Senior Agile Transition Coach
  • Certified NLP Master
  • Certified Agile Scrum Master
  • Product Owner
  • E-commerce Manager
  • Senior Project Manager
  • CIO

"Danny did a great job in maturing several Agile Scrum teams within ABN AMRO Clearing Bank N.V. (AACB). next to his skills as Scrum Master, Danny also acted as coach for junior Scrum Masters and volunteered to help out with our senior managers to make next steps in the maturing of the Agile Grid structure within AACB."

- BARRY POLAK - ABN AMRO Clearing IT Grid Owner - Amsterdam
ABN AMRO Clearing Bank N.V.

"During our time working together, Danny has brought structure and processes that we did not have before. That allowed the team to excel in their performance and to become more efficient and productive than before.

I have found Danny to be a high-performing, excellent communicator, and a very team-oriented, all-around good colleague. His professionalism and experience in the Agile way of working allowed others around him to grow both professionally and personally.

His understanding of people, how they work, and what they need to perform, allowed him to remove internal and external impediments the team was facing and constantly push us forward to successful delivery. Danny became a close colleague to us all, and a valued member of the team"

- HORACE LUBLINSKI - Senior Business Developer - Amsterdam
ABN AMRO Clearing Bank N.V.

"Danny is very experienced and has helped me to implement a new Agile working method in my new team. He quickly knows what is going on and what will work in a team. Danny can explain that well and because of his natural way of doing things, his clear way of communicating and his enthusiasm, quickly accepted by the team."

— EDWIN WILLEMSE - Rayonlead Adviesteam Vermogen, Rayon Noord Nederland
ING Nederland

"Danny is a person who works thoroughly and in his spare time had already made the necessary preparations to make a solid start. He entered a team that did not yet have the necessary experience with Agile working through the Scrum methodology. So it was important to get "Scrumming" up to speed.

In addition, and I think at least so important, Danny has put a lot of effort into making the team a team and getting the employees who were quite skeptical about the Agile way of working, to accept this way of working, showing that Danny has the capabilities to form a group of individuals into a team who go for it and above all have fun in their work."

— ERICK TEN HAGE - Work Package manager
Thales Hengelo

"Danny quickly identified the bottlenecks in the IT organization and office automation and developed and proposed practical solutions.

Regarding Office automation

  • Security ‐ PEN‐testing
  • ISO and GDPR preparation
  • Ticketing issues and solving
  • Web site hosting

Regarding Software Development

  • implementation of an ESB Enterprise Service Bus
  • making the Mendix-based application scalable

Danny was very enthusiastic and involved."

— JEF HEYSE - Statutair Directeur
Raduiz BV

"Within 5 months, Danny successfully completed the Agile Transition assignment for the commerce department of more than 70 employees "

— INGRID WIEGERS - Commercieel Directeur Commercie Univé

"Danny has guided various teams within the Sales Organization in their journey to a greater degree of self-organization. He took up his assignment with great energy and drive. Danny has a lot of knowledge and experience which he likes to use for the benefit of the teams. I have experienced Danny as a committed, sincere, and pro-activation colleague."

— MONIQUE VERBURG - Agile Consultant/Coach
ING Nederland

"Our successful webshop, with which we generate strong sales within only 4 years, was built by Danny himself. Not only the increase in sales and efficiency but also cost reduction and customer satisfaction was always important focus-points for him.

As a manager, he was also responsible for building up the webshop team. Danny can clearly be classified as a coaching manager. His management style has created an independent, effective and involved team.

His absolutely loyal and motivated behavior towards the company and management, as well as the interaction with colleagues, customers and suppliers, was always exemplary. He was held in high regard by everyone."

— JUTTA BENNEKER - Inhaber/Geschäftsherrin
Bike Arena Benneker

"Danny has set out clear lines and actions towards Agile in a short period of time and realized the changes together with Lead (structure, focus, and involvement). In addition, he was well connected to various Squad meetings and due to his way of providing supportive direction, the effectiveness of the Scrum events quickly improved.

His way of working ensured an excellent collaboration with colleagues. In addition, he introduced a dynamic form of SWOT analysis during an out-of-office day, which has given a big boost to the tribe feeling of the 3 Squads and booted the creativity of the entire Rayon."

— GERT MELINGA - Rayon Lead Private Banking Zwolle
ING Nederland

RAD (Early Agile)

I have extensive experience with predecessors of the Agile way of working.

This predecessors were known as 'Evolutionary Development' and Rapid Application Development (RAD).

Since 2007 I have been using the typical Agile, Agile Scrum, and Large Scale Scrum methods.

A born Servant Leader

Being too much Alfa does not help the people in an organization. Too soft also does not help them. However, being Alfa when needed and being "soft" when needed is the perfect combination. 

It's all about balance.

The metaphor I use is the benign silverback gorilla. He is Alfa when his tribe needs it and he is soft when his tribe needs that.

This metaphor is strong, clarifies, and gives direction to management and teams on how to move towards an Elite Agile organization.

Experienced coach and trainer

Over more than 20 years, I have gained extensive experience in developing and giving workshops. In facilitating courses, coaching teams, and coaching the different management layers in an organization.


In the nineties, I executed many projects from my consultancy and turnkey software development company. Also, during that period, I placed many application developers, mainly in the financial sector.

Next to my consultancy work, I have run, together with my spouse, a successful B2C online platform, since 2013. Mainly on IT web and API technology, but also on the part of behavioral change, which is crucial for Agile transitions.

Applied Psychology

In 1998 I started an in-depth study of applied psychology, a study that proves its value every day in my work with teams and transitions in organizations as a certified coach.

A host of experience

All this has led to a unique skill-set; 24 years+ management experience, 20 years+ entrepreneurship, 25 years+ IT experience, 20 years+ experience in coaching, and over 14 years of experience in developing and giving trainings.

Guaranteed added value

Due to all learning experiences, I went through in the past, it became possible for me to deliver significant added value for organizations in different roles. Roles like; Senior Agile Coach, Senior Scrum Master, Senior Product Owner, and Senior Trainer.

Continuously delivering Real added value

It is important to me that I can continuously deliver real added value to organizations. Therefore, I will do everything I can do to realize this, always in line with the organization what the organization needs.

In short


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