Why good leaders make you feel safe | Simon Sinek

blog leadership Mar 22, 2024

Safety is the KEY to SUCCESS....

Do you dare; to be the father or mother for your team/department?

Do you dare; to give supportive DIRECTION through which you create SAFETY?

Do you dare; support your team members in all possible ways, even if this results in danger for yourself?

Do you dare; always take care of "your people" first and only then yourself?

Do you dare; to put your job on the line to protect your team(s)?




What stops you from being the father or mother, or as I like to say myself, a "Benign Silverback Gorilla"?

To do this, I live by the motto;



This motto causes me to activate the "Benign Silverback Gorilla" mindset within myself. A "Benign Silverback Gorilla" will do anything for his group, even literally take his life.


And teams go flying....

Watch the video of Simon Sinek here.



Danny Vermeeren | Senior Agile Coach/Senior Scrum Master

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