Terms and conditions



Great that you're reading this document!

Naturally, you want to know the conditions under which you do business with Elite Agile.

Elite Agile's services and products are services and/or products of Transformation & Ko B.V. These general terms and conditions are fair, positive, and open.

Transformation & Ko operates on a win-win basis. Transformation & Ko takes care of you and itself. They are also clear, without unnecessary difficult words.

Yes, it's a lot to read. But there's also a lot to give! If you have the talent to read legal texts, feel free to look at the applicable articles. Where necessary, we have named them.

Transformation & Ko B.V. uses general terms and conditions. We use the second and first person instead of 'client' to make the document easier to read. Below, the concepts you encounter in this document are clarified so there can be a clear understanding of them.

From experience, Transformation & Ko knows how vital clear communication is. If the conditions are unclear in parts, do not hesitate to ask your question. With this in mind, Transformation & Ko assumes that a clear understanding of the conditions will contribute to a pleasant cooperation.

Warm regards,

Danny Vermeeren
Founder of Elite Agile

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