Elite Agile Services


Are you ready to revolutionize your
approach to project management?

Just 4 services

The core modus of operandi of Elite Agile is LEAN.
With just 4 services, you can revolutionize your approach to project management.
Meeting LEANs credo: KiS Keep it Simple.

The Hybrid Agile Framework.


HAF boosts your IT or none IT projects.

Unleash the Power of HAF


The Hybrid Agile Framework

SQS - Scrum Quick Start


A fully loaded Good Practices Scrum Library.

For a quick start: to create your own Best Practices!

Combining: Waterfall, Agile, and Scrum,
into a lean delivery machine.

SQS - Scrum Quick Start

FIP - Fast Implementation Path


Become an Elite Agile organization
with speed and precision.


FIP - Fast Implementation Path

HAF Team Creator Course


Are you wondering
why the full potential is being hampered?

Find and solve the root cause
behind the (superficial) root cause.

HAF Team Creator Course

Successfully used in large organizations.

Thales Netherlands
ABN AMRO Clearing
Saint Gobain Automotive Glass
Tata Steel Netherlands
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